Usually, we all seek to lose weight as fast and easily as possible, and on top of that, we want results right away. And if we don’t get them, we just quit and move along.

Frequently we become objective (to lose 1 kilo every week) and if in one week it lowers solely half a kilo or what is worse, nothing happens, I get frustrated and that can lead me to no longer continue with the plan I set, and then I just quit it.

Even there are times as people unconsciously set goals that are too hard to obtain so that I can leave it quickly, nobody (and I include myself) wants to follow a diet!!!

We make it because it is healthy but when we choose what it tastes better.

Does anybody like lettuce?

If you want to follow your plan you need to set reasonable and reachable goals. A study stated that when people lower 500g per week, those people maintain long-term descent.

It is the best objective that we can intend, to lower 500g for the week and knowing that some week won’t lose weight. If you want to lower quickly we can also help you, of course, but I have to be conscious that in some moments losing weight rate won’t be the one as desired. And I don’t want to frustrate myself for that reason, the following week I will achieve the results.

The body is not something that reacts mathematically, the weight it depends on many factors, as the retention of liquids, the intestinal evacuation, the time in which weigh me, that ingested the previous night if I ingested pizza or another very salted food I will surely retain liquids, the same as if I began with an intense activity the previous day.

Another cause of failure in a diet is to be very strict with what you have to eat.

If I go to a party and I don’t eat anything, or same at home if I am extremely strict it is very difficult to be able to maintain the plan and in the first time that comes out, you will think I cannot make diet” or “this is not for me”, frustrating me once again, abandoning and feeling bad.

These 2 forms of thinking “if I don’t lower 1 kilo per week every week I’m not doing anything good at all” or “I can’t make the diet because I ate an ice cream.” are forms that consciously or unconsciously plot us the diet to ourselves.

In fact, I don’t want to make a diet. Let us accept it!

Nobody wants to make it, but they want to lose weight. Unfortunately, these 2 factors are really hard to join together and make it work. Regrettably, the 2 things join are not able to work together.

Perhaps it is time that you start making choices, and make decisions in order to choose which path you want to go. By just choosing to remain healthy, you will get results.