Plant material in the form of seeds, leaves, berries, flowers, bark, roots, and resin is the source of essential oils. The oil is distilled and used in perfume and cosmetics. It is also the foundation for the practice of aromatherapy. In today’s stressful times, people are looking for a way to relax the mind and body. As complementary medicine has grown in popularity, the demand for the oils has risen. In addition to its ability to treat certain conditions, most people find the oils, very pleasant to use.

When buying items for massage or for other uses, it is important to choose a reputable retailer. Essential oils are safe when blended by qualified staff, who know the appropriate advice to give. It is equally important to choose a properly trained aromatherapist. There are many blends for sale, each with its own therapeutic value, and many recipes have been in existence for a long time.

A Lavender, Chamomile, and Bergamot blend can be added to a handkerchief, placed in a tissue in a pillowcase, or to bathwater. It can also be used to massage the neck, back, or shoulders. The Lavender is good for insomniacs, the Chamomile is soothing and the Bergamot energizes. This blend should not be used prior to exposure to the sun.

Clove Bud, Orange, and Cedarwood should not be applied directly to the skin and is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant. Clove is good for the digestion system and can be used to massage the abdomen. Orange is good for the circulation and is a good mood lifter. It is also relaxing and helps with digestion. This essential oils blend can be put into a plastic bag and inhaled and can be used in the bath or added to a vaporizer or oil burner.

Lemon and Lime is an excellent combination as they are both astringents. Lemon is good for the skin because of its anti-bacterial qualities. It is particularly effective for oily skin in teenagers. Lime invigorates aching muscles and energizes the mind and body. It can be applied through massage, by inhaling, or in the bath.

For anyone lacking self-confidence, Ylang Ylang is the answer as it boosts the emotions. It is often combined with Patchouli, which is used to treat dry or itchy skin. It is recommended for mature skin. This essential oil blend should be used in moderation as Ylang Ylang can induce headaches or nausea in susceptible people.