Blogging is a growing trend on the Internet today with hundreds of users adding new blogs and fresh content daily. While many use their blogs for personal journals, political opinions, or other topics of discussion, one could also look at a blog from a marketing perspective and find benefits for their business. Here I suggest ten reasons to start a custom blog to enhance their online marketing efforts.

10 – Blogs generate traffic

By posting blogs online you generate new keyword content that can be crawled by search engines. Unique searches by Internet users seeking products and services can lead them to your articles and topics for further review. If your blog answers their question, provides them information on what they are searching for, or captures their interest you have a possible repeat visitor, lead, or sale should they click through to browse your website.

While many websites use focussed articles, case studies, and press releases in such a way, a blog gives you the advantage of covering several topics to capture a broad range of interests. A blog encourages repeat visits, remains open to interactivity when allowing users to comment or leave feedback, and becomes a channel for you to network with the online public discussing your business, products, and services.

9 – You don’t have to be a professional writer

Writing effective material for web content that is keyword friendly and well presented for generating a sale is often left to professionals, and is very important to a website’s success. A blog however leaves the style and approach to the content completely up to you. As the owner of your business, you are qualified as an expert in your field, which is enough to interest and educate your customers about what you do. You have the creative license to discuss subjects about your business with personality and even humor. You have a forum to converse with your readers about your business, yourself, and what you do best.

8 – Custom blogs can have special features

There are many features used on the Internet such as polls and surveys that again help you communicate with your customers and your website visitors. A custom blog can be modified to do whatever you would like it to do just like a website. Any additional features that would improve the interest of your blog can be added at any time, while a free or programmed blog can leave you fewer options or no options at all.

7 – Fresh website content on your schedule

Fresh content and frequent updates are essential to a successful web presence. A blog allows you to add new content as your schedule allows to be it the tip of the day or the product of the week. Blogging puts the task of keeping your site current right on your desktop.

6 – Broadcast on demand

Announcing promotions, sales, and special events is as easy as typing them into your blog. Make any notice public within minutes.

5 – Today a blog, tomorrow an e-zine

As time passes and your blog archives your posts, your blog becomes a virtual magazine of material with a range of topics. The more content you add related to your business, the more keywords are added and more material is available for interested Internet users.

4 – Customer education

No matter what business you’re in it is important to give your customers a clear message of what you offer. You can use your blog to help them better understand your methods, products, policies, and more. Frequently asked questions can be addressed and explained easily, a benefit to you and your clients.

3 – Customer service

Use your blog to support products and services by adding content that can again answer questions or explain procedures. The ability to attract attention to new products or inform customers about those products can give your customers a reference point and save them a call or possible confusion.

2 – Customer satisfaction

One could use their blog to allow customers to leave feedback on their purchases, build a list of testimonials, offer ways for them to recommend, rate, or request products, and more. All adding more content to the blog to interest other readers and sales leads.

1 – Your satisfaction

As this article suggests, with a custom blog you have a marketing tool and total control over what relationships can build from it. An affordable online web presence that requires little time, knowledge to operate, and an open channel to the Internet at large.