If you are considered a bad driver or a high-risk driver, finding a car insurance rate you can afford comfortably is a challenge. Most insurance companies do not like to insure high-risk drivers for fear of paying out high payouts if you have an accident. If you find a car insurance company to ensure you, you will pay a high price.

Many factors contribute to a car insurance company considering a driver a high-risk. Whether the insurance company goes back three years or one year, you need to remember drinking and driving violations stay on your record longer than a speeding ticket will. Accidents, speeding, running red lights, operating over the centerline, and driving the wrong way on a road will contribute to your high car insurance rate.

Other factors that contribute to your bad driving record include failure to pay fines and court costs and the type of sentence or punishment you received. Your high-risk standing makes it difficult to find car insurance. It takes many years to clean up a bad driving record and even then, you need to consider other things when looking for a cheap car insurance rate.

If you receive auto insurance quotes that appear high, ask the insurance agent about this problem and determine if it was because of your credit history or your age and driving record. This is important information to know when you look for car insurance. The car insurance companies do like to work with you to give you the best quote on an insurance policy.

Men already have a strike against them as being high-risk, if you have a bad driving record, you are a man, with a poor credit history, and young, you will see a car insurance premium you may not be able to afford. There are some things you can do to improve your driving record, you might take a driver’s safety course, which helps the insurance company lower your car insurance rate a little.

Once you start the cleanup of your driving record and credit history, it may take up to three years before you see any kind of change in your car insurance rate. If you keep this up you eventually will see a decline, but as insurance rates rise, you may not see a decline, but a standstill of your car insurance rate.