Bird watching has become the fastest-growing recreational activity in the U.S. It’s no secret that about fifty million Americans enjoy bird watching every year, and why not? Birds are beautiful creatures and there are so many kinds of birds, that you’ll never lack a different view.

You also get a magnificent chance to commune with nature. It’s also relaxing and can turn into a wonderful pastime that takes you into your own backyard. You can sit at your kitchen table and view the birds that inhabit your backyard while sipping a cup of coffee. You can also build your very own bird habitat, which can lead to years of learning and recreation.

There are bird-watching trails and guided tours. While on these trails or tours, you won’t just be able to watch a variety of different birds, but you might get a chance to see other wildlife and areas of the country you might never have visited at all if it were not for your fascination with birds.

The first step in becoming an avid birder is to pick out a set of birding binoculars. When looking at binoculars for birding, you will want something with a large objective lens because that way you will have a bigger field of view, and you will have better light-gathering abilities. Many times, you will watch birds in the pre-dawn hours, and the low light can be a real problem if you don’t have a good light gathering binocular.

You will also want a binocular that is waterproof because you never know what kind of weather conditions you might find yourself in. It’s also a good idea to buy the lightest binocular possible, because most birders will watch birds for hours, and holding a heavy binocular is not a lot of fun.

Your binoculars should also be fairly rugged. Walking in the bush or along trails can mean that your binoculars might take a few bumps and scrapes. Guard against this eventuality by buying something that is solidly constructed and has rubber armor.

Many birders have also taken to buying digital camera binoculars. With these handy binoculars, you can not only watch the birds but take pictures of them and easily download them into your computer. From there you can enhance or cut your bird photos with little fuss.

The next step is to learn the birding code of ethics. Basically, this means to always respect the birds and other birders. This includes things like never leaving garbage in the area, never harm the birds, and always show respect to other birders.

You can meet lifelong friends who share the same enthusiasm for birds as yourself while birding. Plus, because birding is the fastest growing recreational activity in the U.S., you can do your part to help it to grow by being friendly and courteous.

Bird watching might be the fastest growing recreational activity in the U.S., but that doesn’t mean it can’t grow more. Many people barely know that this activity exists, but if they did, they may find that they have the same passion for the outdoors and birds as you do. Don’t ruin that chance for them with bad manners.

Bird watching can be fun. It can also be an incredible learning experience. You will learn about nature, what makes the birds tick, and you will probably earn yourself an appreciation of the outdoors that you didn’t have before birding. You can also spend hours of quality time with your children, or family.

No wonder it is the fastest growing recreational activity in the U.S.