These are the most popular and best-selling home, non-commercial tanning beds that can be found on the market with prices ranging between $1500 to $5000.

ETS SunVision ZX30 Tanning Bed: This tanning bed features a computer-designed Bio-Tech Tunnel Design for consistency. It has 30, 100 watt lamps, and is built with heavy-duty extruded aluminum and steel mainframe with a DuraMax 2000 exterior. Other features include Quick Clip acrylic removal system, digital timer with built-in hour meter, glossed aluminum reflectors, 7 foot tanning surface, staggered lamp design, and acrylic sheet. The product costs around $4500 to $5000.

Sunquest Pro 24RSP (120V) Tanning Bed: This Bio-Tech Tunnel Design tanning bed has 24 tanning lamps is designed with a steel mainframe, curved acrylic sheets, DuraMax 2000 exterior housing, Superflow internal cooling system and 20-minute session time. It features a control key lock, backup timer, and Quick Clip acrylic removal system; and requires a 20 Amp Circuit Breaker, 120 Volt Dedicated Circuit, and 20 Amp NEMA #5-20R Receptacle. The tanning bed costs around $1500 to $2000.

Supreme Tan Pearl 16 Plus Tanning Bed: This is one of the smaller and cheaper entry level tanning beds. It is 76 inch long, features 12 Philips Performance lamps, 4 integrated facial tanning lamps, dial timer, canopy with grids, a base reflector system, adjustable gas spring lifts, and a 30-minute tanning session, and costs around $1900.

Wolff Tanning Bed: This product is also manufactured with a Bio-Tech Tunnel Design with heavy-duty extruded aluminum and steel mainframe, with DuraMax 2000 exterior housing. It features 24 high-output 100-watt lamps, glossed aluminum, Quick Clip acrylic removal system, wide curved tanning surface, and acrylic sheets. The SolarMax IFT face tanner is an optional component. You can get this tanning bed for about $2500 to $3500.

Ruby Tanning Bed: The Ruby Tanning Bed comes with 24 lamps of only 120 volts. It has 6 face tan enhancing lamps and 8 arm tan enhancing lamps, and features a 30-minute tanning session, adjustable gas spring lifts, acrylic click strips, canopy acrylic, matching base skirt, and a dial timer. The product costs somewhere between $2400 to $3900.