Aromatherapy candle oils go way back to the time of Ancient Dynastic China when distillation was yet unheard of, but incense sticks were about as popular as they are today, perhaps even more. Aromatherapy candle oils are essential oils derived from plants through several methods of extraction. These aromatherapy candle oils may come from several parts of plants, such as flowers, twigs, leaves, barks, roots, and rinds of fruit.

The aromatherapy candle oils are said to have various therapeutic benefits, although there is no actual scientific proof of that. Many can attest though that the oils used in aromatherapy certainly can help in improving well-being and enhancing the effects of other healing methods.

How do Aromatherapy Candle Oils work?

Aromatherapy candle oils work through a process called diffusion. It is when the aromatherapy candle oils are dispersed into the air to fill the room with its fragrant aroma. Diffusing aromatherapy candle oils is fairly easy and very inexpensive. You only need a candle and a match and perhaps a pretty candleholder to go with your coffee table at home.

First, light up the candle and let it burn for at least five minutes. Next, blow it out, and then add a few drops of aromatherapy candle oil into the melting wax. Make sure that you do not add the drops into the wick. Once the aromatherapy candle oils steep into the wax, light up the wick again and wait for the aroma to start filling your room.

Aromatherapy candle oils, like other essential oils, are highly volatile and concentrated, which also means that they are highly flammable. Exercise caution when you use them and make sure that you do not leave anything near your candle that might catch on fire. Only use a few drops of pure aromatherapy candle oil or dilute them by mixing them with a carrier oil into a glass bottle.

How do you store Aromatherapy Candle Oils?

Although aromatherapy candle oils do not become rancid, they can deteriorate over time. When they do, they may lose some of their important therapeutic benefits. Not all aromatherapy candle oils deteriorate though, and some may even improve over time. One perfect example of this is patchouli and sandalwood which only improve after the passage of time.

To avoid deterioration in your aromatherapy candle oils, store them in amber or cobalt blue bottles. Dark glass such as amber and cobalt helps keep out sunlight which may damage your aromatherapy candle oils. Protect the aromatic and therapeutic benefits of your aromatherapy candle oils by purchasing small (about 5ml or 10ml) bottles or vials.