Do words have an impact on how we think and do they stay around for infinity out into space and time? It is my belief that words are endless and that when you speak enough of a certain kind of words they form together to get results. Now can you manipulate any situation? I don’t believe this, but I do believe that you can push for an outcome that may normally have not been there if there wasn’t; enough energy in that direction.

Words are energy, and they shall go on forever, have enough of them stick together you get a result, that is my belief. That’s what happens when words are finally turned into energy and action. That’s what we have been talking about when we say stay positive and that things will eventually turn in your favor, and you will start to see that your action now meet the way you were thinking and this is because of the positive energy, and you have built up and enough has formed together for you to produce results.

Now don’t get me wrong here it takes an extremely large amount of positive energy all clumped together to produce a small task. That is why it is so hard for people to make changes and why people stay where they are in life and never move forward and stay where they are now at. Once you learn how to harness the power and form enough of the positive energy clumps together there is nothing that you can’t do and become in your life as you have learned what true Mastery is and how you can get results by literally controlling your thoughts and what goes into your mind at any time.

This is a major step to ending things that are not right in your life. This may surprise you how easy that it really is. Now, on the other hand, negative thoughts bring forth negative energy and clump together producing negative results and I believe you can see the results of that as you look around our world today as all the people that are negative and are clumping massive energy together to produce negative results.

Let me assure you that if you think of positive thoughts and build around the clean positive and healthy you aren’t going to rape someone, or steal from your neighbor. It is the negative thought that breeds negativity and that is a simple Law of the universe.




As it is the simple law that if you put in the positive you will certainly get the positive stuff out and that is a simple law of nature. How do I get enough clumps of energy to gather so that I may produce the thoughts that I really want in life? This is by no means easy and shall, by all means, be one of the hardest tasks you can undertake; let me explain this in a way that you can understand and how you can see what I am saying is true.

Jesus is the perfect example of the way he did things and produced the results that he wanted. One reason is the fact that he didn’t doubt for one minute that the energy he put out would come together and produce the results that he desired. He was a man, yes he was the Son of God, but he faced the same trials tribulations that you and I face, he even probably faced more. Yet he produced miracles, as he never believed that what we asked for was not going to be delivered. Jesus said and these things you shall do also only greater than me! Then why don’t we see the results that Jesus did? We don’t have the faith that he did to bring the clumps of energy together and produce a result.

When oxygen and hydrogen (H20) come together with the form of water it’s the same way with positive and negative energy when enough of either comes together then the results start to come together as we see the outcome good or bad, whatever that may be. You can control things to a certain existent by what you think and say just remember that it takes an extremely large amount of energy to change a result but don’t let that stop you think the positive results.

Help out a friend buy groceries and also continue to manipulate the clumps of energy in your favor never doubting that the results are just around the corner and that with just a little more work, you can get to where you want them to be and that is putting the clumps of energy to work for you and getting the results that you so greatly deserve.

Remember you were born to win and just be the winner you were born to be, start today, and put the clumps of positive energy to work for you and you will be surprised at the results that you will have if you follow these simple Laws of the Universe. You are well on your way to BUILDING THE PERFECT YOU.