You’ve been playing golf forever, and you still stink when you’re out on the green. You’ve got all the necessary gear, all the training stuff, and you’ve watched videos and tutorials online. So, what’s the problem?

Even if you play golf as a hobby, you’ll always need to be concerned with correcting golf swing problems. There’s nothing more rewarding than noticing that your scores are getting lower. You’ll gain more confidence and feel better about your game.

Here are some simple tips for correcting golf swing problems.

Keep Your Eyes Open

When you go golfing with friends, watch them. During the first few holes, check out everybody and see who’s the best player. Don’t worry about all your own slices and mistakes; find out who’s the best in the group and study their moves.

You’d be surprised what you can learn just by watching others play. If you don’t get out to play as much as you’d like to, watch pro golf on TV. Instead of thinking about how impossibly good the players are, watch what they do and pay attention to their technique.

Practice Practice Practice

I can’t write tips for improving your game without mentioning practice. Practice a lot. Okay, I mentioned it, so let’s move on!

Watch Yourself

When you’re doing all this practicing I mentioned above, videotape yourself and watch your swing. This can really help you notice things you wouldn’t have noticed before. When you are practicing, you’re so busy DOING it, that you might not notice a mistake you’re making.

Watching the video back, you might notice that your posture is a little awkward, or your address a little off. You can watch different shots and see how consistent your set-up is. You can see the angles from the outside, and you can even compare your swings with those of your favorite golfers.

Just remember to erase them when you’re done. There’s no reason to keep an archive and let’s face it, it’s a little weird to have a hundred videos of yourself practicing golf!

If you’re not into the audio-visual side of things, practice in front of a mirror. This will help too, and you can practice your “Nice shot!” face.

No More Slicing

The most common problem with most golfers’ swings is the dreaded slice. The slice is basically when the ball goes veering off to the right of where you meant to put it (of the left, in the case of lefties).

If you slice a lot, you are probably swinging in too much of a downward motion. In other words, your swing plane is too steep.

Try flattening it out. If you flatten it out too much, the ball will start veering to the left (or the right, in the case of lefties). Try to find the right balance between too-steep and too-flat, so that the ball goes just where you want to put it.

There’s a lot that goes into making a perfect golf swing, and all of us can stand a little correcting once in a while. Always correcting golf swing problems will help improve your game and get you over the slump to the next level.