Houseplants should be given the same care as a child. They should not be allowed to do damage to the carpet or furniture. If you choose a plant that is not quite right for your living room, you are throwing away money and your effort in creating an atmosphere of harmony and beauty. The first step to giving your houseplants the proper care is to remove any glass because houseplants absorb sunlight, so if you get any obstructions in the way of the sunlight it will damage the roots and your plant will not survive.

Your next step is to check your air quality. You can do this by using a good air purifier. Air purifiers are much more effective than air cleaners because they can filter more air.

Air purifiers are also quite good for air quality. They can be used either during the day when you are going to be getting fresh air in your home, or they can be used at night, so you can enjoy a rejuvenating sleep.

The air purifier that you buy will most likely have a sensor that will automatically turn on at night when the houseplants start to use it. That way you will get fresher air instead of stale air that only makes your houseplants sick. I personally prefer the night-time units because they are cheaper. But if you cannot afford them then the daytime units will suffice.

Don’t purchase an air purifier that has attachments to add fans or other devices to it. These will only make your houseplants sicker. That is why I suggest an air purifier that comes with an automatic switch and an adjustable thermostat.

There are many things you need to check when you have your air quality tested. The first thing is the level of CO2 and Ozone in your air. I always tell people that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The next thing is how many toxins are in your air. This is an easy test to do because all you need to do is suck a little of the air out of your home and then measure the gas and let it cool.

Next, you want to know how much of the air is made up of water and carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is just what it sounds like. This has nothing to do with plants, but just about everything else in your house.

The last thing you need to check is the air quality when you are in your car or truck driving. Look at the windshield wipers and mirrors.

If they are dirty or not working then you need to replace them, if they are working and clean then you may need to change the air filters. The best filter for your car will be the one that fits your car. You should only clean the air filters in your car if you notice a foggy headlight or other weird things.

When your houseplants die, the atmosphere of your home will improve. Plants are very important because they are carbon dioxide, so in order to keep your air clean, and give your houseplants the proper care that they need, you must remove anything that blocks the sunlight or that will absorb too much sunlight, such as dark or stained carpets, or furniture that has been made of woods.