If you are not using a follow-up autoresponder until now, just buy it. Follow-up autoresponders are a very valuable tool for online business.

You can offer free email courses

Send ezines, ezine articles

Follow up with your customer

Conduct polls and quizzes

*****Your personal Follow up autoresponder software:

These software should be installed on your website. You are completely in control of your software. These are affordable with good features.

*****Five Advanced and Essentials features of a follow-up autoresponder:

1. Personalization of Your emails:

If your subscriber sees his/her name in the subject field, they will stop a second at your email. Well… it’s human nature to respond to their names. Once they stop at your email subject, more chances of clicking on your email and go into the message.

2. Email un/subscriptions:

Advanced feature that needs some email forwarders to redirect subscribers emails to the CGI script. In this feature, you can offer un/subscriptions through emails apart from form subscriptions.

3. Broadcast emails:

Broadcast emails also called one-time emails. This means instead of follow-up emails at specific intervals, you can send promotional emails, ezines to your subscribers one time.

4. Bounced emails:

Very good feature. You can use this feature to clean up your lists. Your host will be happy as bounced emails use the server resources, and you delete them with your autoresponder script. Some free email services put your emails as spam or your subscriber no longer at their subscribed email or other problems like your subscriber email server is not working at the time of your emailings… Any of these reasons. The email will bounce back to your server. All these emails should be cleaned up once in a while, otherwise, your host will send you an email telling you are using too many resources.

5. Custom fields:

These are the fields to keep certain text in their text areas and if you keep the defined tag, the script replaces it with the text you provided. Great for keeping ads, signatures, links in your emails.