No one can truly escape stress; everyone has varying levels of stress that plague them from time to time, whether it comes from work, from the bills, or from personal issues. The thing about stress is that it can build up, making little problems feel like something much worse, and when things get like that it becomes time to take a step back and reduce stress.

One great idea for dealing with those problems is to play some games for stress relief. Using fun and games for stress relief is a great way to help yourself to feel better, whether you’re alone or with friends. There are a number of different kinds of games for stress relief that you can play.

Computer Games

These days, nearly everyone has a computer and an internet connection, making computer games for stress relief a great option. Computer games especially puzzle games such as the classic Tetris can be a great way to pass a few minutes or an hour having fun and putting your mind on something other than stress. You don’t have to buy one of those expensive gaming consoles to play computer games for stress relief; sites such as Yahoo! offer free or low-cost computer games to play.


If getting outdoors and having some fun appeals to you more than sitting at the computer, then softball and other outdoor games for stress relief will be best. Softball, basketball and other games bring stress relief, but health benefits as well, such as increased health, stamina, and so on. One of the great things about sports for stress relief is that a good, hard workout or night playing sports will help your body produce endorphins, which produce a sort of natural high. It’s been widely accepted that sports and outdoor games work for stress relief.

Board Games

If you can get together with a few friends on a regular basis, then coaxing them into playing some board games can bring stress relief as well. By combining fun activities with social time, you not only provide an outlet for you to have fun and relieve stress but can share that same outlet with others. Another advantage of taking some time out with friends is that if anything, in particular, is causing stress, talking about it with a buddy can help which is an added benefit to having people over to play games for stress relief. So whether you’re at the computer, out on the basketball court, or sitting around at a table playing UNO with friends, there are plenty of ways to get stress relief from games.