The skin around the tummy and thighs is usually made up of fat, and it is this area that is affected by cellulite. This is most common in women but men can get cellulite as well.

Belly fat deposits tend to be darker than those on other parts of the body. This makes it harder to see what is there, and as such, some people have concluded that there is no such thing as cellulite.

An important factor is that cellulite occurs when the skin is stretched and compressed. Other parts of the body, like the legs and back, are not as often affected by cellulite as this is usually found in the stomach region.

An important factor that leads to excess fat in this area is the fact that many people suffer from an underactive thyroid gland. This can affect the production of the hormones needed to digest food.

When we have excess weight, our body’s metabolism goes down, causing the fat cells to turn into fat cells. These then become cysts, which can form a hard lump under the skin.

There are different areas of the body that can be affected by cellulite, but in general, the skin is the one that has this problem. If the skin around the belly is particularly fatty, then this can add to the problem.

Often the tendency is to feel self-conscious about having cellulite. This is a real problem for those who have a habit of eating fatty foods, drinking alcohol, and smoking.

One of the ways to keep the skin in these extra cellulite areas healthy is to eat lots of vegetables and fruits. This will help to improve the circulation to these areas, and also improve the liver function, improving the ability to eliminate fat. In some cases, laser therapy can be very effective, because the cause of cellulite is the connective tissue around the tummy and thighs. This can be removed and hence the problem solved.

Skin grafting and surgery are sometimes the only way to cure cellulite and the skin is often removed from these areas. The downside is that the person loses the skin, which can be very embarrassing.

It is important to use a good quality cellulite cream, with ingredients that are proven to work. By using an effective cream, you will not only remove the skin that is damaged but also the underlying causes of cellulite.