Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps, offers you non-stop entertainment 24 hours a day.

Gambling, around-the-clock activity is a must-do while you are in Las Vegas. There are no opening or closing timings for the many casinos that jostle for space along the Las Vegas strip. In fact, there are no clocks anywhere in sight and with an endless variety of exciting casino games, you may be tempted to spend all your time in Las Vegas, casino-hopping. Which is a great thing to do if you are on a winning spree. If not, you may want to consider leaving behind the bright interior neon lights and stepping out into the brilliant Las Vegas sunshine, where there are lots more things to see and do.

Want to experience what weightlessness feels like? A specially designed Boeing 727 at Las Vegas Space Flights recreates the effects of a real space flight including lunar gravity by flying smaller parabolas. You can even experience what it feels like to walk on the surface of Mars.

Looking for excitement that is more ‘exciting’ than gambling and weightless walking? Strap on a parachute and experience the thrill of Las Vegas skydiving. While free-falling from 10,000 feet above the ground, enjoy a bird’s eye view of the city you left behind a few minutes ago.

The Imperial Palace Auto Collections, home to the world’s largest collection of classic, antique, special-interest, and muscle cars, is a car enthusiast’s heaven. Spend the day admiring these classic cars, and if you were lucky enough to have won that jackpot, maybe you could even afford to buy one!

Don’t forget to witness the eruption of the Volcano at the Mirage Hotel or take a look at the largest golden nugget in the world, which is housed at the aptly named, Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel. For Liberace fans, the Liberace Museum has on display everything possible about this flamboyant pianist.