If you have your own business website, and you are trying to sell something, then it is imperative that you are able to establish and maintain credibility. Why is this important? If you are going to ask someone to make a purchase from you, then you need to show them why they should purchase from you rather than your competitor on another site.

If you are able to achieve credibility then you will be miles ahead of your competition. So many websites are missing this vital element of doing business. A fancy website with bells and whistles is nothing if it cannot make a sale. I will show you 10 simple things that you can do on your site to establish credibility.

10 Credibility Tips:

Be consistent in everything you do and say on your website. If you change your policies all the time people will mistrust you. State your values and policies clearly on your website.

Put your customer first. This is done by writing specific text geared toward your customers about satisfaction guarantee, refund policies, frequently asked questions, and any other pertinent information. Tell them why they should buy from you and not someone else. What do you have to offer that the others do not?

Only offer high-quality products and services. You do not want to sell substandard items as, although you might make an immediate sale you will not gain repeat business. Repeat business is the key to profits. Offer guarantees and refunds.

When advertising states the truth. Do not embellish and make claims that are false. If your customer is not satisfied at the end of the sale because of overstated claims you will lose trust and future business.

Use testimonials. Contact past customers and ask for their opinion and post it on your site. Testimonials add validity to your products and make it easier to justify the purchase.

Establish yourself as an expert in your field. One way to do this is to add a discussion board on your site and be a regular contributor. Another is to post articles weekly on your site related to your topic.

Make your presence known. Create your own ezine and offer valuable tips, articles, and insights into the topic your website specializes in. This gives people free valuable information and will keep your business in their mind so when they need another product they will think of you.

Make sure you have prompt delivery of your products. People who make purchases do not want to wait long for their items. If you are selling a digital product offer immediate download. If you are shipping an item get it in the mail within a day or two. You can even offer different shipping methods- it’s all about customer service.

Make sure your site has contact information. Include a valid email address, and/ or a contact form, business address, and phone number on your site so if your customer has questions or concerns they can contact you. Make sure you respond back in a timely manner.

Include an about me page. Tell them about yourself and how you got into the business. Include pictures. This humanizes you and makes the potential customer feel more at ease in purchasing from you.

Remember strong credibility takes a long time to be developed. It can take seconds to destroy. Be honest, personable, and put the customer first. By following these 10 ideas above you will beat out your competition and on your way to having a successful business.