Is it possible to find holiday flats in Berlin even under short notice?

If you know where to look and exactly what you are looking for, of course! Finding holiday flats in Berlin is not akin to the quest for the lost city of Atlantis. In fact, these apartments are so common the real challenge is not so much finding one, but getting the best deal for your money.

Self-catering Apartment?

Most holiday flats Berlin landlords put up for rent range from a one-bedroom to a four-bedroom affair. If you do your browsing by newspaper or magazine, you will find holiday flats Berlin landlords refer to as “self-catering apartment.” Do not let this term confuse you. A self-catering apartment is the same as a flat. It is called “self-catering” in the sense that you will not have anyone to wait on you or provide you with room service.

How Affordable is Affordable?

The one-bedroom flat is the cheapest. These may be priced from 70 to 95 Euros a night. Some flats are still heated by coal, and these are naturally cheaper than regular flats. In fact, it is possible to stay in one for only 35 Euros a night.

Two-bedroom holiday flats are priced between 80 and 130 Euros a night. Three-bedroom flats go for 200 to 560 Euros a night, while four-bedroom ones cost only slightly higher.

Save More Through Scheduling

When traveling, it is advisable to work your trip schedule around the peak and off-peak seasons not just of airlines, but also of cities. Holiday flats, Berlin listings show, are cheapest from November to February. The months between March to October are known as the mid-season or special rate periods. While staying in a Berlin flat during this time isn’t as cheap as the off-peak season, it is only slightly more costly. The peak seasons are as follows: the first week of January, the first week of April, the last week of December, and the months of July and August. During these periods, landlords wouldn’t hesitate to charge an arm and a leg for the holiday flats Berlin tourists frequently find themselves fighting over.

Remember, with patience and the right know-how, vacation in a city like Berlin need not be expensive. In fact, it may even come so cheaply you need not plan for a long time and save for years just to escape to any of the affordable holiday flats Berlin neighborhoods are noted for.