The medicinal herbs play an important role in curing people of various ailments including stress. Stress is supposed to be a major force in repudiating the will of a person. Stress is a major backdrop which limits the functioning of any person. A person might be successful but may not be able to make decisions just because he may be under stress. History is also replete manifestations of the past by the studies of herbs in the civilization of china. Herbs have also been quoted as a 16th-century alchemist. Nearly three-quarters of the world is dependent on herbs. Herbs act as a stimulator for healing various ailments.

Stress is caused by several reasons in one’s life. No particular reason can be given to the rise of stress in one’s life. The reasons which can be blamed for the rise of stress are the changes or break in relationships; family problems; job changes endless cores errands and most probably the insecurity and on the whole being alone. Stress causes headaches, sleeplessness, impotence, diarrhea, and increased and loss of appetite. The conditions of stress lead to hypochondria and a condition comes where people believe as a sign of serious diseases where it makes a person believes as a persistent fear of being ugly. Stress even leads to anxiety disorders and panic situations. Moreover, these removed and eliminated by the use of medicinal herbs. Herbs can be used in various ways such as infusion — used in making tea, decoration — used in from barks, extracts as to creams, and compress — cloth soaked in water based on herbal prep.

Stress forms a major factor in preventing a person’s will to move and stops a person from investing its full source as from mind to a particular work.

There are various medicinal herbs that remove stress are AGNUS CASTUS — also known as chaste berry the main action being hormone regulator. The main therapeutic use is to stop the menstrual regulation. BLACK COHOSH helps to have a clear menstrual flow and remove stress. BUCHU -whose sources are leaves acts as antiseptic? Even ECHENACIA — used in for immune booster, toxic, and also as a removal of nervous exhaustion.

Medicinal herbs provide ample relief from stress and also work as a regulator and healer. Medicinal herbs provide relief from various phobias which r also implications for stress. The herbs act as a stress manager and relief from obsessive-compulsive disorders which include repetitive thoughts intense impulses and a combination of absurd and unusual thoughts. The medicinal herbs can be used as a multivitamin and also as mineral complex. Medicinal herbs are being plucked up and then sorted out the roots and the leaves have different purposes. The roots are kept in water while the leaves are washed and ground. The roots are pressed and an ample amount of juice is taken out from it. The mixing process takes place in companies, and they undergo processing and are packed.

Medicinal herbs give extended values and acts as a catalyst where it does not change but alters the conditions and provides a regulating force. Medicinal herbs are enriched with source values and with amazing potentials to remove various ailments but at times medicines lead to side effects at times the herbs cannot be natural. They contain poor quality of containment of only a smaller kind.

Herbs have also been treated as an ancient form of medicine to treat illness. Even herbs such as hawthorn made from flowers and berries are used in treating heart diseases and garlic which acts as a prevention against bacteria and fungal colds the medicinal herbs on the whole acts as a medium of regulator and removal of stress and works amazingly on the nervous system.