Anti-Virus sends shivers down your spine when you think of all the damage they can do and the word tool gives us a primal instinct of safety and help. When you think about this is exactly what Anti-Virus Tools is designed for, peace of mind and a way to keep your computer from catching a cold.


What can one person say, there are more pros to this than there are letters in any alphabet but to name a few of them at the very least are, the protection it provides you while doing something as simple as checking your email or chatting on one of the various Instant Messengers out there. Another fact is that all can and will continuously scan on their own or when you command them too. You can also determine how deep a scan is or isn’t. In addition, another Pro is the level of Defense the Anti-Virus Tools can provide, you can set it so high that nothing is getting in unless of course, you let it.


When it comes to Cons well there are a few to consider, one being whether your Anti-Virus tool is up to the job, some only protect against certain attacks while others cannot handle or keep up with the daily changes to the Anti-Virus world. Another and probably the biggest problem is the size of these programs, there are some out there that do not leave much room for anything else to be running, while others themselves are so large that unless you are running 128 MB or higher you do not have enough resources to use the program anyway.

User ability

The ease of use in these programs can be as different as day and night, however in most cases, if you let it set up and install then run itself in the default settings then they are relatively easy to use. Another thing to consider is before you install one is whether the product is right for you and if the Anti-Virus Tool does the job you need it to. Once these things are out of the way the User Ability turns into simple issues like deciding when the best time for it to run a scan is, remember the PC has to be turned on at the time, and it is generally best to not do anything else during the scan.

Safety and Security

When it comes to Anti-Virus tools the safer you are in your choices and settings the more secure you will be. If you turn on your PC then you need to have an Anti-Virus tool, whether the computer ever gets put online or not. A major Security for all of us is our own personal information and whether we are comfortable giving it out or not. There are very few of us who will willingly give out much more than our name and email, there are even more who do not like giving even that out. I suggest an alter-net email address for those who do not like giving out their own and take into consideration that if the Anti-Virus tool you choose wants more information from you to download it then maybe you need to consider where you are downloading it from.

Summary and Rating

Summing up something as complex as Anti-Virus Tools, with all the options out there, and all the more reasons to use one is a huge undertaking in itself. I can only make suggestions on where to go from here. First, choose carefully and wisely, do not be afraid to spend a few dollars to protect your computer. The thing to remember about the cost is, it has to be cheaper than having to buy a new PC. When choosing a tool, see what its minimum requirements are, what it protects against, and how often it updates. Also, whether you can set it to scan all the time and run your own deeper scan whenever you want.

As far as the rating goes, it will and should always get a 10 and be one of the first things you do for your PC.