Planning a bathroom remodel? Each home project of this nature can be broken down into 5 distinct steps. Following through each step will help this often confusing process make more sense and produce a better outcome.

Bathroom Design

Ask yourself the question – “What will I have when I’m finished”. Similar to planning a road-trip, a successful build project begins with an effective vision of what you want. This step is vital even if you intend to hire a professional to complete the job.

Choosing hardware and materials

Every bathroom remodel varies in the level of work and expense involved. To save a bit of cash you may want to consider refinishing a tub instead of replacing it. Often times a refinishing a bathroom tub will cost less than half the price of replacing it. Old bathroom vanities and sinks are often the spark that ignites the bathroom remodeling process, to begin with. Spend time at the hardware store to get some quick ideas on vanities, tubs, and showers.

When choosing a vanity, consider:

Storage area – is the vanity designed in such a way that you’ll be using all the space available

Drawer space vs. cabinet space – take a look at your current “inventory” of stuff – do you need more or less drawers for convenient storage

Integrated sink – a vanity with an integrated sink will make quick clean up a snap.

Project Budget

Regardless of whether you are financing your bathroom remodel or paying cash setting a firm and realistic budget will help you make other decisions. Using a professional will provide the best result for the money you spend. You may consider doing demolition and preparation work yourself to save a bit of money.

Divide and conquer – (Delegate the work)

Prior to starting your project make as complete a list as possible regarding the tasks involved. If you are using a contractor, you may want to discuss with them how you can effectively be involved to help reduce expenses without “getting in the way” of a good job.


Although planning is an essential beginning to any successful project, nothing will change until you START the process. So get started already!