Just romping in the water can be fun, but so can water games! Kids and adults can play together, or adults can help organize the kids. And some are appropriate for kids to play with each other. Some games work great in public pools, and others are fun in backyard pools.

Here are some fun ideas for games for the pool. Remember, play safe!

1. Unique Jump In

Also called “no two entries,” this game is for kids and teens who are comfortable with the water. Here’s how you play.

Everyone lines up along the side of the pool. Going down the line, each person jumps in (safely) in a style of their choice. No two jump-ins can be the same.

2. Marco Polo

Remember this one when you were young? If you don’t know how to play it, here’s what you do.

One person is Marco Polo, and he or she closes their eyes. Everyone in the pool scatters while Marco Polo counts, and then Marco has to find and tag the others. To find them, Marco calls out “Marco!” and everyone has to answer, “Polo!” The person who is Marco then has to find everyone by their voice alone.

3. Volleyball

With a simple net across the pool, water polo can be a lot of fun. You can use a beach ball or other inflatable ball instead of a traditional volleyball.

4. Badminton

Like volleyball, badminton is also fun in the pool. In fact, once you get that net up, you can come up with all kinds of water versions of the same games you play on land with a net.

5. Nose to the Beach Ball

Using two beach balls floating on the surface of the pool, have everyone push the balls with their noses from one side of the pool to the other. They can’t use their hands. You can expand this game to be a relay race if you have enough players.

6. Sneaky Safety Simon

Play “Simon Says” using pool rules and/or swimming skills. For example, Simon could tell everyone to tread water, doggie paddle in a circle, float on their backs, etc. Those who don’t do what Simon says sit on the edge of the pool out of the water. The last one in the water wins.

7. White Water

In shallow water, this is great fun. Participants can wear flip-flops or plastic clogs if they want. The object is to churn the water up as much as possible by walking, trotting, then running through the water. Participants are as close behind one another as possible. A variation for younger kids is to sit on the edge of the pool and kick the water as hard as they can.

Hopefully, this has given you an idea of some games to play in the water. Have a safe and fun summer playing pool games!