Everybody has heard of the basset hound or the beagle. This type of dog has proved to have many qualities or has been advertised a lot. The influence plays also an important role: if one of my friends. To whom I compete has just bought a pit bull, I should definitely bring about a Hossain. How about the Polish Owczarek Nizinny? I know nothing about it so this shouldn’t be my choice. There are many breeds of dogs left on this planet which prove to have more qualities, yet, are unpopular. This article will present you with some of these breeds.

The affenpinscher

This is the smallest dog in the breed which also presented us the schnauzers. The affenpinscher is thought to be the most suitable for a family pet as it is very intelligent, easy to train of a good demeanor. They have dark fur and have always shown affection to human beings.

The Anatolian Shepherd

This dog breed is of medium size and has proved to be very courageous. This breed is very powerful and loyal, and it is used in the U.S.A. especially for military and hunting purposes.

The basenji

The dogs from this breed are medium-sized muscular dogs and are also named the Africa Barkless Dogs. What is funny is that they ever bark because they don’t want to do so as researches have shown they are not mute. They are extremely known in Africa for their hunting skills. They are not suitable as family pets but their aversion to humans can be diminished if they are handled properly from an early age.

The Bouvier des Flandres

This small and steady dog breed is somewhat similar to the terrier one. Their fur is generally in dark shades, and they have proved to be very calm. In the beginning, they were bred as herders in France but nowadays they are used for police and military purposes, as well as guidance for blind persons.

The central Asian Ovtcharka

The Central Asian Ovtcharka includes only large and muscular dogs. They appear to be very loyal and fearless dogs with strong protective instincts which makes them being used as watchdogs. Like any other large dog, they have their ears and tail cut from an early age.

The Polish Owczarek Nizinny

This dog is a medium size muscular dog with a long fur that covers its eyes. It can be used as a family pet, being very loyal, yet they shouldn’t be left alone because they are notorious for the ‘disasters’ they cause in this situation.

All in all, what we do know is that many dog breeds are not so famous but they prove to have some qualities which cannot be surpassed. They may be great hunters or family pets; the idea is that we should pay much attention to them as they are really fantastic.