Mountain climbing can be a dangerous sport because of all the risks and hazards involved when trying to conquer a certain peak. That is why prior to the actual climb, intense preparation is required. Mapping out the route, checking weather conditions, purchasing and securing the necessary equipment (including goods), and other preparations are very important in the whole process of mountain climbing.

One of the most important preparations required is setting up a base camp just right before the climb. A base camp, aptly named because it is a camp that is set up at the base of the mountain, is usually the starting point of the climb. It is needed for higher mountains that require two or more days, or even weeks, to conquer. The base camp is used to store supplies and other goods that may be carried to other smaller camps higher up the mountain.

Climbing a high mountain can be a difficult task. It can rate from difficult to life-threatening if there is a lack of proper supplies. This is the reason why to set up a base camp, an abundance of supplies is highly recommended, even if the climber has to overstock.

The base camp set up for mountain climbing isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Remember, this is the rest area for the climber/s, prior to the climb, and after going down the mountain. It should contain a bed (even a makeshift one), cooking supplies for food, a stock area, an area for clothing, a communications setup (especially for team climbers), and other necessities. They can all be housed in a large tent.

The best example of the need for a base camp is when a group of climbers is trying to climb the world’s tallest peak, Mt. Everest. It is imperative that a base camp is properly set up because Mt. Everest is full of dangers. Usually, there is at least one member of the team that stays behind at the base camp while the others do the actual climb. This certain member is in charge of the supplies and communication so that if any unforeseen incident happens, he/she can call for a rescue attempt.

Properly setting up a base camp ought to be considered a must for mountain climbing that requires days to complete. In fact, a base camp can mean life and death in certain situations, and all people are best to avoid that risk.