There is so much that is out there in Barcelona. In particular, is the area of the Iberian Peninsula and Costa Brava. With so much historical significance and so much wonderful architecture to take in while on your trip you will have many things to do and enjoy while you are here. With all the history that has been left behind by the Arab Visitors to the wonderful views of the French Coast off of the Mediterranean Sea, you will feel welcome and entranced all at the same time.

With so much coastline and so many beaches to take advantage of it is a wonder that anyone would even notice how much more there is to offer while going through Barcelona. There is the wonderful architecture starting with the Familia Sargadia the wonderful church that was designed by Antonio Gaudi. Much of his work is also on display in Guell Park. Some of his works are displayed on the park benches or on various items throughout the park. Do not forget to take in the monument to Christopher Columbus while you are visiting in order to another marvel. Also, be aware of the vast number of museums that are located in the city. Many of which have unique exhibits as well as the Picasso museum which displays many of his different works. There are also the many lodging possibilities that are available while you are there which include but are not limited to; hotels, furnished apartments, beds, and breakfasts as well as chalets to meet all of your lodging and comfort needs.

Also, one needs to be prepared when going to Barcelona, Spain with so many sources of information available when you are looking to have a well-planned vacation. Look into sources such as the internet for all of their free resources as well as calling travel agents. Make sure to obtain locations of special events as well as times and prices for many of the things that you are looking to do while you are there. Much of this information is available by simply looking online or at local to your travel agent. If you do not have the time to look up information before you do go on your trip make sure to look into the possibility of exploring the information booths while at the airport to at least give you a general idea of what you may want to do when you arrive.