Whether you are in a brand-new home or one that’s had some years providing a cozy environment. If you are looking to change the look of a room, add a focal point, or update it contemporary area rugs can do the job. Here are 6 ways to use contemporary area rugs in your home decor.

1. Focal Point

If your room feels drab or dreary you can use a contemporary area rug to create a focal point and bring your room to life. The rug itself becomes the focal point in the room, so it should jump out and bring attention to it. Choose something to accent your room colors or go all out and change your entire color scheme. It won’t cost you a lot more. Just choose window coverings and pillows that compliment the colors in your new area rug. Be sure to stick to contemporary styles with your pillows and window coverings.

2. Furnishing Focal

If you have a piece of furniture you want to create as a focal point you can use a contemporary area rug. Perhaps you have a dining room table, a baby grand piano, or another piece of furniture you want to accent. By placing the appropriate size, shape, and color area rug under it your eye will be drawn to the area.

3. Jazz It Up

Kids can be tough on carpets. Between spills and stains from crayons and play doe you can spend a great deal of time staying on top of it all. Why not kill two birds with one stone. Jazz up the kid’s room while at the same time protecting the original carpets. Older kids love to get involved in decorating their rooms so sit down with them and plan out a theme. Maybe they have a favorite cartoon or character, maybe they love the color yellow. It doesn’t matter! It’s a great way to get your children’s creative juices flowing. Jazz up their room with a contemporary area carpet and no one will even notice the scuffed walls or piles of toys.

This is also an excellent way to give a family room or rec room an entirely new look. Add some color and pizzazz and let the room speak out. Choose from round, square, oval, rectangular, or octagon rugs in a variety of sizes.

4. Change The Mood

If you are trying to turn it down a notch and create a peaceful or romantic atmosphere try using a contemporary area rug that has muted and rich tones. Make sure it compliments the original rug. Area rugs are available in fairly large sizes so if you can even cover up most of the floor space leaving only a one or two-foot edging around the outside.

If you want to create a casual and fun atmosphere then choose a fun rug. Looking for a formal serious mood try choosing an area rug in muted neutral tones.

5. Protect The Flooring

Contemporary area rugs do a great job of protecting the flooring underneath, and they are very popular with hardwood floors. They not only protect the floor, but they also add warmth to the floor and change the look of the room.

6. Break Up A Room

Whether you have a large room that needs the floor space broken up or you are trying to create a divider, you can use an area rug. The hardwood floor is beautiful but if your room is large it can be a bit mundane. Adding a center area rug will give the room new dynamics. You can still enjoy the hardwood floor, and it will look even richer.

If you have a large room that you want to create a divide but with no wall, you can use a contemporary area rug to accomplish this. Place an area rug that accents the room on one side of the divider area, then choose two large vases with huge silk flower bouquets to set on the edge. This will create a definitive division to which the eye is drawn and the rug will be the main attraction.

There are so many ways to use contemporary area rugs to change the look or feel of a room. These 6 ways to use contemporary area rugs in your home decor are only a start to an endless choice of possibilities.