When you put your all into learning something that you need to know, you can bet that other people can benefit from what you have learned. Internet marketing is one of those topics that lots of people need help with. So once you’ve gained knowledge and experience writing and selling an internet marketing e-book might be a good opportunity for you.

In order to make money in e-book publishing, you have to have a product that people want. How-to books that fill a need are undoubtedly best-selling e-books. An internet marketing e-book falls into that category.

There is nothing worse than an internet marketing e-book or how-to e-book that is filled with junk. Thus, in order for your internet marketing e-book to be the bestseller, it has to offer useful information. If it doesn’t, you’ll get return requests and charge-backs left and right. Besides, if you don’t have quality content in your internet marketing e-book, you can’t comfortably offer a money-back guarantee which is actually a vital aspect of marketing e-books for profit.

Every e-book, especially an internet marketing e-book, needs to have a clear purpose before you begin to write it. Decide who your target audience will be — who will buy your book? Selecting a niche market to sell your internet marketing e-book to is half the battle. When you narrow your market rather than trying to satisfy the masses, you will have a much higher quality product and less competition. The trick to producing the bestseller is to provide a solution to an existing problem that isn’t effectively solved by numerous competitors.

Add value to your internet marketing e-book by offering freebies as bonuses for buying the e-book right away. A customer’s perceived value is very important. Examples of bonuses might include things like a report on how to set up an affiliate program for an e-book, how to manage a pay-per-click campaign, or how to write results-oriented sales copy for an internet marketing website.

Realize that if your internet marketing e-book is going to make money, you’ve got to apply the internet marketing principles that will get your e-book noticed, walk the prospect through the sales process, and close the sale. The first principle is driving traffic to your website. Whatever internet marketing techniques you used to accomplish that, targeted traffic is vital. Once you have visitors at your website the sales process kicks in.

Long-copy sales letters are undoubtedly best for selling an internet marketing e-book or any other e-book for that matter. Short copy just doesn’t cut it. You see, when you are selling information products online, like an internet marketing e-book, you don’t have the advantage of a face-to-face sales opportunity. Your web copy has to accomplish the sales for you.

To close the sale, the copy must convey a unique selling proposition — one or more things that stand out apart from your competition. It has to be attractive and compelling to your well-defined target market with headlines and subheads that grab attention by stating the product’s benefit or solution or invoking curiosity. You’re pricing strategy and relative bonuses must give readers a high perceived value, so they feel they are getting an internet marketing e-book and additional information or products that are worth what they are paying.

The sales copy also has to build credibility either by stating the author’s credentials, using testimonials, or both. The reader’s objections also have to be countered by the sales copy. This can be accomplished by addressing them directly and by offering a money-back guarantee.

A long-copy sales letter for selling an internet marketing e-book or another “how-to” e-book that creates a sense of urgency can result in immediate sales. People have a tendency to be impulse shoppers so creating urgency by offering a “limited time” price or bonuses or making the product available only for a limited time will prompt the closure of the sale.

Another factor to consider when writing sales copy for your internet marketing e-book is, buyers, want to know they can contact you. When you provide valid, easy-to-find contact information your credibility increases tremendously and as a result, so will your sales for your internet marketing e-book or any e-book you choose to publish.