There are always companies out there that you hear comments about like, “That’s the best place to work,” or “I heard they have the best benefits,” and you occasionally run across a job ad that sounds like the position was custom-built for you.

When you come across these types of companies or opportunities, it pays to be professional and persistent until you get a job there. It may only take a couple of months, or it might take several years. You may need to finish your degree or get more specific experience. Nevertheless, if you have decided that this is where you want to work, then do something about it.

Get the interview

The first step to getting a position with a specific company is to secure an interview. Make sure your resume is tight, with the best experience, the best skills, and the latest format possible. Create an incredible cover letter that further explains why they should be interested in you and then send them to the recruiter.

Wait from one to three weeks depending on the position and the company and then contact the recruiter. A friendly email or voicemail usually works best. Try not to be a pest but show that you are persistent. Continue checking in every couple of weeks until you get an interview or the position is filled. If it gets filled, ask the recruiter what skills they were looking for that you did not possess.

If you did not get an interview, evaluate your skills and your resume, and make some changes. Take some training courses, go back to school, switch jobs or companies to get a better experience, or transfer to a different department for more experience. In essence, do whatever it takes to make your resume look better and to secure an interview.

Maintain communication throughout your quest

Whether you don’t get the interview, you get the interview but don’t get the job or you get the interview and think you are going to get the job, keep up the professional, courteous communication with whoever your contact person is at the company.

If you don’t get an interview, email them thanking them for their consideration. If you get an interview but not the job, email them thanking them for taking time out of their schedule. Finally, if you think you did great in the interview, still email them thanking them for their time. In each of these scenarios include a line about how much you would really like to work for that company.

I recently spoke with a friend who interviewed for a job that fits his skills perfectly. He went through a total of eight interviewers and still did not get the job. Nevertheless, he always sent his follow-up emails. He even followed up two months after the interview with a short email saying he was still interested. Out of the blue, four months after his interview, the company called him back and hired him within two weeks.

The moral of the story is that if you find a place where you want to work, keep at it until you work there. Use whatever means are at your disposal to get the appropriate skills, education, and experience to get hired. No matter how long it takes, it will be worth your while, and you will have the job of your dreams.