We all know that inkjet printers are in the hype and at high prices. Not all people can afford to buy printers for home and business use. But nowadays, printers have been inexpensive that makes it easier to purchase. These types of printers are also made quiet and reliably fast and people can now produce documents that are printed with high quality.

The present inkjet printers have been more advanced which came from the structures of the earlier version of printers. The printer manufacturers have earned their big shares for the development of the printers that we have now which includes HP, Cannon, and many more. The people have also benefited from these printers for business use. It has opened up a lot of ventures and other promotional things for the people that are important in putting up their own business. The manufacturers have been greatly expanding their services with their printers.

The drawbacks of inkjets include fragile print heads (easy clogging) and costly ink cartridges (sometimes costing US$30 – $40 or more). This typically leads value-minded users to think about laser printers for medium-to-high volume printing applications.

In contrast to additional luxurious technologies like thermal transfer printers, dye-sublimation printers, and laser printers, inkjets have the benefit of approximately no warm-up and a lesser printing cost per page.

As the ink used in most inkjets is water-soluble, care must be taken with inkjet-printed documents to avoid spilling even a drop of water on the paper. This can cause severe “blurring” or “running.” Highlighter markers should not be used with such documents either because the moisture of the highlighting ink can cause the printing to smudge or blur.

Another disadvantage of an inkjet printer is that it includes ink bleeding, where the ink is carried to a side away from the preferred location by the capillary action along the fiber of the paper; the result is a muddy or smudged appearance on some types of paper. Most inkjet printer manufacturers also sell a specially treated paper designed to reduce bleeding, but such paper is comparatively expensive and sometimes has a peculiar feel or texture.

For a fast, inexpensive way of printing your documents, inkjet printers may be the answer. Be sure to analyze your application to select the best printer for the quality and quantity of printing to be done.