Everyone talks online about how easy it is to build a website and make money online. It is really that easy or pure hype to get you to purchase the next great thing to hit the online market.

All I have to say is that it is not that easy building highly profitable websites online. But, you can learn how to build a website, that will be fully optimized for the search engines and highly profitable in a couple of weeks, using the same simple tricks I use daily. It doesn’t matter if you want to build a website for free or for profit.

To win online, you have to build a website that gets free traffic from the search engines and implement all other simple traffic methods like posting to forums, using ads in e-zines, submitting your site to link directories, writing reviews for other peoples products, reciprocal linking and pay per click.

First, you have to learn how to do your onsite optimization, and for that, you will have to:

1) Insert your keyword into the title of your page

It amazes me how many sites online don’t have their main keyword in the title page. Just make sure to always include your main keyword in the title page of your site.

2) Add Meta Tags

Not as important as it used to be, but I like to include it in every site I build. Add Description meta tags and your keywords meta tags.

Use one or two keywords per page only. Add your main keyword into your page description.

3) H1 Header Tags

Use your H1 header tag on each page, I always like to use a smaller font size, like 14pt.

4) H2/H3 Header Tags

Try and use at least one H2 or H3 Tags within the first three or four paragraphs

5) Last and First Paragraph

Make sure to start your first paragraph with your main keyword and to end your last paragraph with your keyword

6) Bold, Italicize ad Underline your keyword

You must Italicize and bold your main keyword just once, and you must use your main keyword to link out of your site to another website (use that link to create an underline keyword), at least once.

7) The Alt Image Tag

Well, this is very useful if you have pictures that you will be including on your site. Try to use the Alt Image Tag for your pages, I use the alt image tag on my website header.

Those are the only onsite optimization tips that you should use on each and every site you build. Try to not make it look too obvious, and overdo your website optimization. Learn to build a website the easy way by just following the simple tips I have outline here.

For more optimization tips, try to get your hands on the VEO Report by Colin Mc Dougal. This is the best and most understandable guide to building fully optimized websites online.

Now that you know how to build a website for fun and profit, it is time to learn by actually doing something with the information you just read. To build your first website, the second will be better and your third will be a masterpiece.