Everybody loves bowling. It is a game where a person can experience fun and excitement. The game is played by aiming and rolling the ball down a lane in an attempt to knock down all the pins standing at the other end of the lane (target). When the attempt was good enough to knock down all the pins that is when it is called a strike. If there are pins left standing, and they are knocked down with another roll of the ball, he made it a spare. Most beginners tend to make a low score because their attempts railed on the lane and did not knock down any pins.

As a beginner, it is important to first have lessons to learn the intermediate techniques.

1. A person must know how to be comfortable in swinging and releasing the ball. He must know how to relax and take a deep breath for a more focused attempt. This is a technique that will help execute a free-flowing arm swing.

2. He must avoid an early drop of the ball by having a good grip on the ball, although it is not advisable to make a tight grip, because he may not create a spin or a smooth release of the ball. He should be comfortable with the ball in his hand to create a more decisive swing and releasing movement.

3. If the attempts are always spares – or less, he may change his starting position by giving a slight angle to his previous starting position. This could help him lessen the number of pins he is missing. He must know how to adjust his shots to make to improve.

4. The timing is important in making an attempt. There has to be good coordination between the mind and the body. To make a good score, he must learn how perfect timing in the swing and release will improve the delivery of the ball.

5. He needs to be patient in practicing how to convert spares. He must take some time and learn how to aim for the release. He should remember how his change of timing has affected his attempts. If there are positive results, he may want to continue the process that he is doing.

A person must realize that bowling also requires creativity. To be very good at this game requires mental conditioning. What matters most is continuing to try to improve the game.