To detect key logger spyware, you need to know what it is and how it works. Keylogger is an invisible software program that identity thieves can use to track your online activity.

It is almost impossible to detect keyloggers on your computer and even if you’re careful you’ll never know if it is recording information such as bank account passwords and credit card numbers.

You won’t even see your machine slow down or see anything unusual. It just silently watches every keystroke you type in as if the identity thieves were standing over your shoulder.

At least one-third of all online scams can now be traced to keylogging. If you type key logger into any Internet search engine you can find several perfectly legal ways to buy and install it.

Several businesses use key logger software to monitor employee activity and parents can use keylogging to check up on the websites their children are visiting. But in the hands of a hacker wanting to steal your financial information, key loggers are extremely dangerous.

Attackers who use key logger spyware often sell the information to third parties who can funnel money out of bank accounts or charge up credit cards. Hackers who use keylogging to get into one computer at a company have the ability to steal vital information from the entire organization.

The best rule of thumb is to carefully monitor what you download on your computer and what sites you visit. The major sites of banks and retailers are usually relatively safe. But be aware of downloading free software from an unfamiliar site that could leave you vulnerable to a potential hacker.

Here are a few tips to protect you against keylogging:

Never open spam e-mail.

Do not open e-mail attachments from someone you don’t know.

Do not click ok on pop-up windows without reading them first.

Use a firewall to help prevent any unauthorized computer activity.

Run a weekly, full system anti-virus computer scan.

Computer experts say the number of keylogging crimes is on the rise, but there are ways to protect yourself. Detecting keylogger spyware and destroying it can be done by installing spyware protection software.

Becoming aware of the different ways that you can avoid this from happening to you is the first step to protecting yourself.