Nothing is quite as stunning as copper mailboxes. You can find these decorative items that also serve a great purpose as well. There are plenty of options of products made out of this popular metal. These copper mailboxes may cost a little more than your ordinary mailbox but you are sure to have a beautiful piece that will last for generations.

The copper mailboxes are designed in a number of different styles. The many varieties are produced for certain specifications. You can find copper mailboxes that fit right on to your house. These designs are created to hang right next to your front door or on your porch.

Many people who live in rural areas need to have a receptacle that is right on the road. The postman isn’t able to come right up to the front door of many homes since they are situated far apart. Some homes are set way back away from the road, too. Copper mailboxes that suit these areas are made to sit right on the side of the road.

I favor the roadside copper mailboxes because they are typically larger and more intricate than the attachable versions. The metal mailboxes that attach right to the home tend to be plain and relatively small in comparison to the street-side designs. You can find the occasional mailbox that has intricate designs but these are few and far between.

The ones that attach right to your house are a little less expensive than the street-side version. There is a good reason for the difference in cost. The street-side copper mailboxes have to have a solid structure to sit on and they are typically more formidable in size. These items also have to be strong to sit out on their own.

Copper mailboxes that sit on the road also tend to have more intricate designs. These items are much more interesting to look at and the variety of styles available is great. My personal favorite looks exactly like a treasure chest. I like the idea of treasures in the mail.

You can expect superior quality no matter which of the copper mailboxes you choose for your home. There are plenty of styles and designs and you can find one that suits your tastes as well as your budget. Prices for these items range from about 150 dollars to over 650 dollars. You can also save a lot of money by looking for copper mailboxes at flea markets and antique stores.