Snoring is the most common sleep disorder in America. According to statistics, there are over 40 million adults that snore, so the number of snorers is a large one. While there are a few reasons for snoring, the most important factor is, why do people snore?

Snoring is usually caused by some sort of tissue motion in the throat and mouth. When something like nasal congestion or excess nasal stuffiness is blocking the passage of air from the nose to the lungs, it produces a noise like a bellow. Because the soft palate or uvula is in the way, you can’t breathe normally during sleep. That’s when the snoring occurs.

Snoring is often an indicator of sleep apnea. With sleep apnea, your throat muscles relax when you are sleeping, resulting in a loud, long snoring sound. Snoring also often occurs when you are lying down in bed, which is why it is usually louder during the night than it is during the day. Even more disturbing is the fact that snoring is known to increase the risk of having a heart attack or stroke. Even if you do not smoke or do not drink, snoring can often be a sign of health problems related to these habits.

Nighttime snoring usually is a nightly occurrence. While many people wake up in the morning to a very loud, raspy sound, others may wake up only to have a slow and gentle sound instead. In either case, the main thing is that you snore and the cause should be taken care of immediately.

One of the most effective remedies is to take certain herbs and other supplements. There are tons of them on the market today. The main active ingredient is Ginkgo Biloba. For many years it has been used for its sleep-promoting abilities.

A natural anti-snore herbal tea is another remedy that can help. For most snorers, chamomile is a natural remedy that works wonders. It may take a few weeks to see results, but it is worth the wait to keep yourself out of the doctor’s office.

There are also jaw support devices that you can use. These help to position your jaw and tongue in a way that you don’t snore as much. Many people will agree that this is a major benefit of using these devices.

One other method of getting a good night’s sleep is to make sure you are getting as much restful deep sleep as possible. Sleeping for a long time can cause your muscles to become relaxed, and snoring can occur because the muscles become tense, causing your voice to sound like a hiss.

Some people claim that getting a good night’s sleep can prevent snoring from happening at all. A proven way to achieve this is to get a good night’s sleep. Avoiding stimulants such as coffee and cigarettes can also help.

Allowing yourself plenty of restful sleep can help you sleep better at night. Your body is ready to go to sleep and unwind once you have had a good night’s sleep, and you won’t snore as much when you have.

Snoring is caused by a blocked airflow path that starts in the throat and mouth. By using a few simple remedies you can prevent yourself from snoring in the morning.