Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder in which breathing does not stop during sleep for a period of time. The length of time the patient can experience this is dependent on the number of times they experience periods of apnea. The person can be awake or asleep. Sometimes the disorder occurs when the person is almost out of breath.

The risk of having this condition increases with the individual’s weight. Larger weight amounts can put the person at a higher risk of having this sleep disorder.

Some people do not realize that sleep apnea may be due to another problem. There are certain medications that can have the same side effects as the condition itself. People who have already had heart attacks or other conditions should try to avoid using these medications.

Some people may only develop the condition over time. It is rare for the condition to start overnight. People who are obese may notice that the snoring gets worse and more frequent as the situation continues.

One of the main reasons for this condition is because people sleep on their backs. They do not roll over when they sleep. By the time they wake up, the throat will be full of air, causing the breathing to stop. This is one of the causes of why people snore so much.

When people are tired, they tend to not be able to relax enough to be able to sleep properly. Sometimes they sleep on their back instead of on their sides. People who do not have trouble sleeping on their sides may have problems with their upper body being awake.

Having a room that has a mirror is a good condition to try. The best type of bedding for this type of sleep apnea is comfortable enough to sleep on but firm enough to keep the person from slipping out of the bed.

One of the bedding to try is an adult nightstand. A good quality mattress is important for a good night’s sleep. It is important that the mattress not be too soft or too hard to keep the person’s spine from getting cramped up in the middle.

This condition is easily treated by learning how to control breathing when sleeping. If the person sleeps on their side, it is important to prevent them from putting their head on the pillow and causing blockage of the airway. People who are sleeping on their backs should have pillows that go under their armpits and neck to prevent them from rolling over.

People who snore should try to sleep on their side instead of on their backs. Some doctors believe that sleeping on their side causes them to breathe more completely, which may help prevent or cure the problem. Sleeping on the back usually results in the mouth falling open and therefore preventing the air from flowing properly through the lungs.

There are a lot of treatment options for this condition. The person can try to treat the problem at home using the tips we have listed above.