Public speaking is the one thing that you can do and be confident in. You can be an outstanding presenter, speaker, presenter, or whatever your chosen profession is, and you will know it when you see it. You can inspire your audience to change their outlook and I want to show you some tricks of the trade, which will take you from being a great public speaker to making sure you have excellent public speaking.

You are only as good as the last public speaking experience you had. If you took a public speaking class years ago and then did not remember all the tips, I bet you do not remember the class. Try and keep your memory of those public speaking lessons, as fresh in your mind as you can. Let’s face it, if you take the class again chances are you are going to remember the lessons better and apply them to your public speaking job.

Practice every day by reading and rehearsing material from your public speaking classes. Even if it is boring material, it will give you a valuable experience of what material looks like in your own voice and then what it sounds like when you are giving a presentation.

I’ve heard many people say that the key to being a successful public speaker is in the tone of your voice. Have you ever noticed that when you speak and deliver your speech you feel relaxed and calm? It seems to come naturally. When you take the time to read and rehearse it, you are able to deliver it with ease and confidence.

If you use what you learned from your public speaking classes and practice constantly, you will soon be able to deliver the tone and feel of your own personal attention to your audience. When you hear yourself delivering your information, you will feel a sense of comfort, because you know it is written down and just sounds natural to you.

If you have a habit of thinking over your material before delivering it, try to think of it as you will be saying it, not the other way around. This can help to take the stress off of you when you deliver your material, you can’t hold back anymore. After all, if you only wrote down information that was naturally flowing for you, you wouldn’t be a great public speaker or teacher.

Another trick is to speak as if you are reading from a script. By doing this you can hold the attention of your audience without talking over them. They will be the ones to ask questions after all.

So, when you begin to speak it should come naturally to you. Don’t worry about trying to speak fast or slow, just focus on speaking as if you were reading from a script. Practice everyday by reading and rehearsing from a script.

If you want to practice these simple tricks and gain confidence in public speaking you can do so at home. Put your presentation, props, or whatever you want to practice on a computer, DVD player, or whatever you can get your hands on. Then, you can take a break and take your hand so you can concentrate on your presentation without thinking too much.

The next time you are in a room full of people, and you feel nervous you can practice on your own at home, and you can use these simple tricks, and practice the next time you are in a room full of people for a big event. Practice like you would practice for a sports team, knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are and how to best maximize them in any situation.

Now you can go back to your public speaking classes and apply what you have learned. You can apply these tricks to your public speaking job. You will be able to focus more and to perform better when you are in front of a room full of people.