Everyone deserves something a little extra on their birthday! What’s better than getting a party started to celebrate the day of your birth? Certainly, the 21st birthday has a milestone attached to it, at least in the United States, because of the fact that individuals are allowed to drink alcohol without the supervision of their parents! For many people, that’s a special and unique milestone to surpass, which deserves the occasion of partying your heart out! Many men and women take the occasion of their 21st birthday to hit up the clubs, bars, and whatever other drinking and party scenes that they can think of at the time. However, there are very dangerous situations that one can get into by celebrating their 21st birthday in this way. This is not to say that you shouldn’t give yourself a little bit of fun, but your 21st birthday should be something that you deal with responsibly also.

So if you are about to turn 21, and you’re thinking to yourself that you’re going to hit the town on the eve of your 21st birthday, here are some important tips and reminders to think about before having a night out on the town!

Bring a Responsible Friend

This is one of the most important messages that young adults turning 21 need to hear. If you do decide to go out to a bar, club, or another alcohol scene then a designated driver is a must! Many people use designated drivers as their way to get home and to help them if they accidentally get into trouble while they’re intoxicated. You may be surprised to learn that hundreds of thousands of people already use designated drivers on their birthday, but many others still haven’t learned the concept! Not only will a designated driver chauffeur you home but he or she also should be responsible to either not have anything to drink at all or having very little alcohol in their system!

Enjoy the Night– Don’t Get Trashed!

Everyone loves to get a little buzzed every once in a while and what better time to do this than your 21st birthday? However, you should remember to have fun on your birthday and not just get trashed because you’re turning 21. So what if you’re able to drink legally and without the consent of your parents? Certainly, you will have plenty more days, months, and years ahead of you where you can drink legally without your parents, which is why the number one focus of your 21st birthday should be about yourself and remembering to have fun in the midst of this awesome milestone and celebration!

Of course, there are absolutely other great alternatives to celebrating your 21st birthday if you don’t necessarily want to get drunk and be forced to hitch a ride from your D.D. For example, getting together with a bunch of friends and going to the movies, a restaurant that serves alcohol, as well as many other fun entertainment ideas should be used. You could even celebrate your birthday by having a little alcohol in the house and sharing it with your friends!

These are all excellent ways to celebrate your 21st birthday, and they are all important things to remember if you insist on going to clubs and bars on your birthday! A designated driver can be a good person to help you out, but remember: you may not even need to hit up all the clubs and bars on your birthday as long as you’re having fun and celebrating!